Whole-Self Health Coaching

 "I believe that health is more than merely the absence of disease. It is a total state of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social well-being".

- Dr Frank Lipman -
Hola - Emma here! 
As well as being a lover of essential oils, I am also a Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach and I am super dooper passionate about whole-self health (mind, body, soul), eating incredible nutrient dense food and empowering self care!
For me, health is so much more than a number on the scale or the food we put in our mouth. It's how we perceive the world, how we nourish our body, what fuels our passion, the relationships we cultivate, our faith, values and beliefs, moving our body for enjoyment - not punishment and what we think of ourselves - deep down.
I work with clients to help them feel, live and think their best through simple, effective and realistic food and lifestyle changes. Empowering and supporting clients to comfortably incorporate healthy, enjoyable, sustainable practices, behaviours and beliefs, leading to permanent, positive, awesome-as change.
Individual and group coaching available online and face to face (from Nothern Gold Coast Australia). I also run intimate Soul Care, Oil and Health/Nutrition workshops. For more information or to host your own soul-nourishing workshop, please shoot me an email. I’d love to co-create with you. 
To find out more, hola at me - chat@healinghollowaustralia.com