Protecting Mother Earth

“My mother is soil and rain,
clay, ash, sand, sun and moonlight. 
My mother is a weeping willow—
strong, daring, dripping. 
My mother is oceans so salty and wild
she can consume whole cities—
but, mostly, she chooses to be calm turquoise, 
washing softly over toes in sand.
She is vast—
some places un-navigated. 
She is offering, felt without words, sacred, and restful.
She grows life".

- Ashley Asti -


We focus on creating eco-friendly products. Any leftover waste from the harvesting and distilling process is recycled for planting and regrowth purposes.

Your Healing Hollow parcel will be delicately wrapped with Greenwrap (eco-friendly protective packaging material), an alternative to bubble wrap and plastic peanuts. Your parcel packaging is 100% recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable, and is manufactured using either SFI (sustainable forestry Initiative) certified or recycled content.  

Your earthly treasures also come snuggled in an elegant, 100% organic, re-useable cotton bag. Not just a parcel - an experience, making a difference in the world!

All packaging and bags support Australian businesses.

Where possible, Healing Hollow Australia seeks to use resourceful, recycled and sustainable packaging as much as possible - such as our recycled green packing tape and business cards. We hope you enjoy your experience of receiving these treasures as much as we did crafting and packing them for you.

We try to avoid plastic/styrofoam packaging, however, this is not always possible when shipping diffusers (especially awesome delicate glass diffusers). Please re-use and recycle packaging where possible (thank you). Large orders are shipped in re-used boxes.

Empty bottles can be washed and de-labelled to create your own magical blends!


'Recycling turns things into other things. Which is like MAGIC'.

- Anon -
 Please re-use, re-cycle and re-love your goodies.



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